Dual 4G LTE social Wi-Fi hotspot for 2000+ passengers


Moby S.p.A and Toremar Ferries

Moby is the leading ferry company in Italy for the transport of vehicles and passengers to outlying islands. With a fleet of 21 ships and about 14,000 annual departures. Every year Moby transports more than 5 million passengers to and from Sardinia, Corsica and Elba.


Moby and Toremar Ferries, the leading ferry company in Italy needed a way to provide quality and easy to use internet access to 2000+ passengers.



Single 4G LTE does not offer adequate bandwidth for 2000+ passenger.

Offer reliable free Wi-Fi to thousands of passengers throughout the entire cruise ship.

Gain passenger insights for targeted revenue-generating marketing,.


MAX HD2 – to load balance between 2x 4G LTE connections.

AP One In-Wall and AP One Flex 300M – to provide Wi-Fi hotpot indoor and outdoor.

InControl 2 cloud management – to centrally monitor and manage all device and to track the entire fleet.


Seamless LTE connectivity in the Mediterranean and Caribbean sea.

Dedicated internet for guests.

Fast and strong Wi-Fi throughout the vessel.

Insightful Wi-Fi usage report.