High-speed internet with multiple LTE


M/Y Limitless


The captain wanted to improve the data services for the owner, guests and the crew.

The vessel travels extensively year round in the Caribbean, USA and Europe. Using different carriers in multiple countries the routers ability to support this is a must.


MAX HD4 LTE router is installed onboard M/Y Limitless in combination with 4 high-gain omnidirectional cellular antennas.


Communications are encrypted and run over Peplink SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding VPN service, securing sensitive data and providing the ability to access IP sensitive services such as Netflix.

MAX HD4 with pre-loaded SIMs for multiple regions allows for easy switching when changing regions and gives the vessels data speeds up to 80Mbps downstream depending on carrier and location.

By using non-roaming SIMs HD4 is able to provide the vessel with 50 GB data bundles in Spain, France, Greece, Malta and Croatia and even unlimited service for Italy.

All external antennas are tucked away almost invisibly, delivering ultimate performance without disturbing the look and feel of the vessel.

m/y limitless

m/y limitless sailing

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