Hybrid WAN for Enterprise Branch Provisioning



Greece’s leading industrial conglomerates.


Mytilineos Holdings is one of Greece’s leading industrial conglomerates. They take on projects in engineering and construction, metallurgy, mining and energy in over 15 countries around the world.

With a mix of branch offices and remote sites with varying bandwidth quality in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, they needed a cost effect and easy way to provision for them as well as connect them back to headquarters. The combination of these factors created a complex challenge for Mytilineos, especially when it came to centrally managing these sites.



Applying configuration to branch devices one at a time became time consuming.

Managing the sheer number of sites had become unfeasible.


MAX On-The-Go and MAX HD2 – for branches with 4G LTE/3G connectivity.

Balance 210, 310, 380, 580, 710 and 1350 – for branches with landline connectivity.

InControl 2 cloud managment – for branch provisioning.


Persistent encrypted connection between branches, remote sites and headquarters.

Highly resilient network with a high bandwidth at greatly reduced connectivity costs.

Peplink SpeedFusion allows Mytilineos to adhere to their SLA which would otherwise have been impossible.

Reduced OPEX as a result of increased branch provisioning efficiency.