We.Stream 4G WiFi Hotspot

Secure Mobile WiFi Hotspot with embedded Cloud SIM Technology to enable unlimited data in 100+ countries.

We.Stream is world’s first mobile WiFi hotspot that allows travelers to have a secure internet connection in over 100 countries anytime, anywhere. We.Stream looks like a smartphone, has a battery that lasts 15 hours. The device also has a USB connection and can act as a powerbank.

People traveling intercontinental pay ridiculously high prices for their mobile data. Companies and people then use alternatives such as public WiFi, but this is very unsafe. And looking for prepaid sims in every country is often unmanageable. The unique feature of We.Stream is not the MiFi hotspot, but the Cloud SIM, that gives you affordable mobile internet available in all those countries outside the EU. The Cloud SIM can be remotely reprogrammed and makes it possible to switch provider without having to change your SIM card. The Cloud SIM uses multiple mobile networks in all countries and proactively searches for the best available network. This allows speed up to 150 Mbps. We.Stream is equipped with a built-in security solution, so that users can access the internet safely anywhere in the world. The combination of the Cloud SIM, built-in VPN, the hardware and the affordable internet bundles makes this proposition unique.